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Been a long time

Hello again everyone. It has been a long time for me to blog. I have had a lot going on between finishing up Deep Screams to getting knee surgery to getting options for three of my books to make the big screen. Deep Screams is one of the optioned screenplays so is Teleported (Which is Soleri)  and my latest novel, Dragon’s Bow. I am now being managed by the wonderful Marlene Mendoza and under the realm of Gilt Entertainment for my movies. I will try to update everyone as things progress. I pray you all a blessed Easter and a wonderful Passover. May the Lord bless and keep you all.


Well Well Well…. I am so happy to say that first editing on my end is completed. It now gets ready to go to the editor for comments. I pray they don’t hurt me too bad…. LOL

What a day!

Well I finished my editing of Deep Screams today and turned it in to go to the editor. This is going to be my best so far. Have to go tomorrow to Manchester to get my rental property ready for new movers to come on Tuesday. What a day…. naw what a week!! 🙂


I have fantastic news. As of Saturday I have signed a contract with World Castle Publications to produce my Science Fiction/Horror novel DEEP SCREAMS. We have a new cover already and we are looking at mid-summer for release.

12 Angry Men – 1997

I have just gone through watching the 1997 version of 12 Angry Men. I am playing the role of juror #5 and in this version it is played by Dorian Harewood. Mr. Harewood is well know for his roles in Full Metal Jacket  as Eightball and Gothika as Teddy Howard. Just a tidbit of trivia….

Okay I know I am new to this and I thank my fellow writers for showing me ways to market myself and my books. My latest addition is an Author’s Page on Please feel free to come and check it out and hit the ole’ like button… that is if you do….

Okay so my first attempt at acting is going to be put to the test this coming Thursday at the Etowah, TN’s L&N Depot. It is a dinner theater performance where I am playing the role of Juror #5 which was originally played by Jack Klugman (Oscar Madison in Odd Couple and Quincy). The role is that of a juror that comes from the same wrong side of the tracks as the kid on trial for killing his father. I give the role a strength and a nervousness that it calls for. There are a couple of intense scenes for me that I really enjoy doing. As far as my writing goes…. I received another NO-GO from a screenplay agent. But the good news is they are looking for a specific screenplay and told me what they were wanting. So to me that is the opening I need. I will put together a new screenplay and run it up the flagpole! Wish me luck!

Feb. 11, 2011 Busy Day

Well today is going to be a busy one and I am sick as a dog. Where did that expression come from anyway? Okay…. so I have a concert to go to this evening to check out a band that does charity concerts. I hope they sound as good in person as he did on his demo CD. As far as working on my writing, I am going to get in at least 2,000 words, that is the goal for today anyway. I am also checking out some agent/publisher sites so that I can work on getting out some more queries. I hope everyone has a great day!!!

Deep Screams

Okay…  My fourth book, “Deep Screams” is completed, edited, copywritten and ready for publishing. I am in need of a publisher, preferrably a Traditional type. It is a Science Fiction/Horror/Paranormal Thriller. Here is a brief description of what it is about.

In the year two-thousand-one hundred-forty- five, Earth has finally gotten past its differences and the Earth Coalition is formed. All countries are now brought together as human beings, not countries or races. Since multiple wars have left parts of the planet uninhabitable, the Coalition has decided that a space station would be launched into deep space. They will be on a mission to find other planets outside of our solar system that can be inhabited.

The original crew has taken the Omega space station out of the solar system. Once in the outer reaches of the Milky Way, they find a malfunctioning vent that has to be manually closed. While the engineer is working on the vent, he is engulfed by a cloud of alien spores. Even though he is sent through a cleaning procedure, some of the spores attach themselves to his neck. They begin to invade his mind and cause him to go to see the ship’s doctor. During the examination the doctor also has some of the spores land on his hand. The spores cause the engineer to go completely insane and he hangs himself. The doctor also goes insane, but he systematically kills each member of the crew before killing himself.

After they have been in space for six years, all of the signals from the Omega Space Station have suddenly stopped. Not knowing what might have happened, the Coalition calls for a new crew to intercept the space station and ascertain what has happened and to do whatever is necessary to bring the station back online.

Little does the new team know; it’s not the space station that is dead and they are not going to be alone.



This is an updated version of “Journey to the Edge” with additional adventure and a new publisher. “Soleri” tells of the intergalactic travel of three teens and their mission to save a peaceful race from a domineering species.

 The Wentworth’s have are an extraordinary scientific family. Jon, the father, is an electronics engineer on the way to his first major invention.  Macy, his teenage daughter, has a fascination for biology and Wesley, his youngest, is following right in his father’s footsteps. On an ordinary day, while their parents are out, Wesley uses his father’s transducer in the robot he is building for the school science fair. Upon putting in the transducer a combination of cell phone signals, the robot, and a freak meteor storm; Wesley, Macy, their dog Pugston and a companion are teleported to another planet. Upon their teleportation, Wesley and company meet the leader of the Soleriens named Giradious on the planet Soleri, in the Heledrium Galaxy, which is 120 light years from the Milky Way. Giradious tells them of the Tojinians, another galactic race, who are holding the Soleriens as slaves and trying to amass all the planets Setrinous, a high protein grain.

 Left with no choice, Wesley is compelled to help the Soleriens in their fight from tyranny and to get him and his companions back home. Will he and the others survive the perilous catacombs, creatures, and Tojinian guards? Will they turn on the defensive shield and make it home alive?