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Children of Time Blog tour BadgeChildren of Time is full of many fully-developed characters that come to life off the page.
Shawna McCullough: She has endured a loveless, and sometimes abusive, marriage to Darren McCullough. In the beginning of the novel, we see Shawna take deadly action against Darren to defend herself. The guilt is something she lives with, but one thing she was able to call a blessing from those years of hell was a daughter named Alexis.
Darren McCullough: The brutal husband of Shawna McCullough. He dies in the beginning of the novel, but due to the changing timelines, he comes back, and he isn’t too happy. And he’s in league with a demon determined to tear the world apart.
Alexis: At the beginning of the first chapter, which is years after Shawna was forced to kill Darren, Alexis is six years old. She is bright, intuitive, and funny, and prone to strange dreams. On the night of the “first” timeline change, she has a dream of her own death at two years old. She clearly remembers (as clearly as anyone can remember anything at two anyway) dying in a hospital. She said she’d overheard the doctors telling a man she refers to as her father, but isn’t Darren, and her mother, a woman who isn’t Shawna, that Alexis had a brain aneurism and wasn’t going to make it. It was more than a dream, she said. It was real.
This memory, dream, or whatever it was scares her enough to want to sleep with her mother that night, but when Shawna wakes in the morning, Alexis is gone. Instead, sleeping next to her is a man named Mark LaValley, a man as confused as she is about his waking up in her bed.
Alexis is one of the children of Teret Finley and Decon Mangler from my novels An Inner Darkness and A Light In the Dark. She is known as a “child of time” because of the unique abilities she has.
Mark LaValley: The last thing Mark remembers before waking up next to Shawna is “living” in a dark world, a version of Hell, where a demon named Zuriz Falcon rules. Mark doesn’t know how he can be alive when he knows he’s dead. He remembers his own death clearly, and he remembers being in the dark world, which he assumed to be Hell, for what felt like an eternity. Because of his prior close proximity to Falcon, he evetually thinks he has an idea of what is going on, certain that Falcon is behind it.
It isn’t long before Mark and Shawna discover other changes. Not only is Shawna pregnant to the point of bursting with a child she discovers is Alexis (a fetus that has the same mental accuity as the six-year-old that had gone to bed with her the night before), but she has two new children, Tonya and Paris.
Tonya and Paris: Tonya is the older of the two. She is about eleven, while Paris is six. Tonya often has a bad attitude and can be a bit of a bully. Paris is sweet and looks at life in a more humorous way. Like Alexis, these two are also the children of Teret Finley and Decon Mangler and are known as the children of time.
Zuriz Falcon: The villain of the piece. He is cunning, manipulative, and cannot be trusted. He is such a liar, he can’t even trust himself. The dark world he rules over was created specifically to keep him out of the way. He will stop at nothing until he is out of his exile. He recruits Darren to do his bidding in the real world.


Deep Screams by G. R. Holton

This has been optioned by GiltEntertainment.

Well Well Well…. I am so happy to say that first editing on my end is completed. It now gets ready to go to the editor for comments. I pray they don’t hurt me too bad…. LOL

What a day!

Well I finished my editing of Deep Screams today and turned it in to go to the editor. This is going to be my best so far. Have to go tomorrow to Manchester to get my rental property ready for new movers to come on Tuesday. What a day…. naw what a week!! 🙂


I have fantastic news. As of Saturday I have signed a contract with World Castle Publications to produce my Science Fiction/Horror novel DEEP SCREAMS. We have a new cover already and we are looking at mid-summer for release.

Deep Screams

Okay…  My fourth book, “Deep Screams” is completed, edited, copywritten and ready for publishing. I am in need of a publisher, preferrably a Traditional type. It is a Science Fiction/Horror/Paranormal Thriller. Here is a brief description of what it is about.

In the year two-thousand-one hundred-forty- five, Earth has finally gotten past its differences and the Earth Coalition is formed. All countries are now brought together as human beings, not countries or races. Since multiple wars have left parts of the planet uninhabitable, the Coalition has decided that a space station would be launched into deep space. They will be on a mission to find other planets outside of our solar system that can be inhabited.

The original crew has taken the Omega space station out of the solar system. Once in the outer reaches of the Milky Way, they find a malfunctioning vent that has to be manually closed. While the engineer is working on the vent, he is engulfed by a cloud of alien spores. Even though he is sent through a cleaning procedure, some of the spores attach themselves to his neck. They begin to invade his mind and cause him to go to see the ship’s doctor. During the examination the doctor also has some of the spores land on his hand. The spores cause the engineer to go completely insane and he hangs himself. The doctor also goes insane, but he systematically kills each member of the crew before killing himself.

After they have been in space for six years, all of the signals from the Omega Space Station have suddenly stopped. Not knowing what might have happened, the Coalition calls for a new crew to intercept the space station and ascertain what has happened and to do whatever is necessary to bring the station back online.

Little does the new team know; it’s not the space station that is dead and they are not going to be alone.



This is an updated version of “Journey to the Edge” with additional adventure and a new publisher. “Soleri” tells of the intergalactic travel of three teens and their mission to save a peaceful race from a domineering species.

 The Wentworth’s have are an extraordinary scientific family. Jon, the father, is an electronics engineer on the way to his first major invention.  Macy, his teenage daughter, has a fascination for biology and Wesley, his youngest, is following right in his father’s footsteps. On an ordinary day, while their parents are out, Wesley uses his father’s transducer in the robot he is building for the school science fair. Upon putting in the transducer a combination of cell phone signals, the robot, and a freak meteor storm; Wesley, Macy, their dog Pugston and a companion are teleported to another planet. Upon their teleportation, Wesley and company meet the leader of the Soleriens named Giradious on the planet Soleri, in the Heledrium Galaxy, which is 120 light years from the Milky Way. Giradious tells them of the Tojinians, another galactic race, who are holding the Soleriens as slaves and trying to amass all the planets Setrinous, a high protein grain.

 Left with no choice, Wesley is compelled to help the Soleriens in their fight from tyranny and to get him and his companions back home. Will he and the others survive the perilous catacombs, creatures, and Tojinian guards? Will they turn on the defensive shield and make it home alive?

Guardian's Alliance

We travel to the farthest galaxy in the whole known universe. It is the Heledrium galaxy. This galaxy is comprised of nine different planets with some of their own issues, gravity and climates.

Between pirating on the trade routes and attempted takeovers; the Council of the Elders have decided it was time to form an elite fighting force to be known as the Guardian’s Alliance.

Each planet will provide one elite member and that member will join the other eight members, each with their own special talents. They will be used to halt the piracy, negotiate treaties, and give assistance to any of their planets in need.

Follow the Guardians on their missions to try to maintain peace in the Heledrium galaxy.

Journey to the Edge

JON WENTWORTH, a brilliant inventor who is about to be awarded a promotion and a lucrative manufacturing deal for the powerful new transducer he has invented. What WESLEY doesn’t tell his dad is that the robot melted because Wesley had inserted Jon’s transducer into it. What Wesley also doesn’t tell is that this “modification” of his robot had turned the robot into a teleporter that had transported himself, his sister MACY, their friend ASHLEY, and his loyal pug dog PUGSTON light-years away to the planet Soleri in the Heledrium Galaxy. 

Upon their teleportation, Wesley and company meet the leader of the Solerians, a telepathic creature named GIRADIOUS, who tells them that the Tojinians, another galactic race, are holding the Solerians as slaves and now are planning to attack and take over the peaceful planet. Giradious can help the teens to get back to Earth by reversing Jon’s transducer, but he needs energy to do it. The source of the energy must come from a force field, whose controller lies deep within ancient catacombs in the depths of Soleri. If Wesley can activate the force field, not only will the teens get to go home, but it will also block the Tojinian attack and will free Soleri from their persecution forever.  With no other choice, the teens must brave the dark and dangers of the catacombs in order to make their way back home. Their journey is fraught with dangers that lurk in the blackness—slimy compeworms, dangerous stinging flying creatures, rock-eating fuzltechs, precipitous and tenuous ancient bridges and, of course, Tojinian guards—all of these threaten the teens in their desperate journey to find the controller that will send them back home. Deep in the catacombs, the teens discover not only these outward dangers, but also find surprising strengths, loyalties, and courage that had been lurking deep within themselves.