Children of Time Blog tour BadgeChildren of Time is full of many fully-developed characters that come to life off the page.
Shawna McCullough: She has endured a loveless, and sometimes abusive, marriage to Darren McCullough. In the beginning of the novel, we see Shawna take deadly action against Darren to defend herself. The guilt is something she lives with, but one thing she was able to call a blessing from those years of hell was a daughter named Alexis.
Darren McCullough: The brutal husband of Shawna McCullough. He dies in the beginning of the novel, but due to the changing timelines, he comes back, and he isn’t too happy. And he’s in league with a demon determined to tear the world apart.
Alexis: At the beginning of the first chapter, which is years after Shawna was forced to kill Darren, Alexis is six years old. She is bright, intuitive, and funny, and prone to strange dreams. On the night of the “first” timeline change, she has a dream of her own death at two years old. She clearly remembers (as clearly as anyone can remember anything at two anyway) dying in a hospital. She said she’d overheard the doctors telling a man she refers to as her father, but isn’t Darren, and her mother, a woman who isn’t Shawna, that Alexis had a brain aneurism and wasn’t going to make it. It was more than a dream, she said. It was real.
This memory, dream, or whatever it was scares her enough to want to sleep with her mother that night, but when Shawna wakes in the morning, Alexis is gone. Instead, sleeping next to her is a man named Mark LaValley, a man as confused as she is about his waking up in her bed.
Alexis is one of the children of Teret Finley and Decon Mangler from my novels An Inner Darkness and A Light In the Dark. She is known as a “child of time” because of the unique abilities she has.
Mark LaValley: The last thing Mark remembers before waking up next to Shawna is “living” in a dark world, a version of Hell, where a demon named Zuriz Falcon rules. Mark doesn’t know how he can be alive when he knows he’s dead. He remembers his own death clearly, and he remembers being in the dark world, which he assumed to be Hell, for what felt like an eternity. Because of his prior close proximity to Falcon, he evetually thinks he has an idea of what is going on, certain that Falcon is behind it.
It isn’t long before Mark and Shawna discover other changes. Not only is Shawna pregnant to the point of bursting with a child she discovers is Alexis (a fetus that has the same mental accuity as the six-year-old that had gone to bed with her the night before), but she has two new children, Tonya and Paris.
Tonya and Paris: Tonya is the older of the two. She is about eleven, while Paris is six. Tonya often has a bad attitude and can be a bit of a bully. Paris is sweet and looks at life in a more humorous way. Like Alexis, these two are also the children of Teret Finley and Decon Mangler and are known as the children of time.
Zuriz Falcon: The villain of the piece. He is cunning, manipulative, and cannot be trusted. He is such a liar, he can’t even trust himself. The dark world he rules over was created specifically to keep him out of the way. He will stop at nothing until he is out of his exile. He recruits Darren to do his bidding in the real world.