Okay so my first attempt at acting is going to be put to the test this coming Thursday at the Etowah, TN’s L&N Depot. It is a dinner theater performance where I am playing the role of Juror #5 which was originally played by Jack Klugman (Oscar Madison in Odd Couple and Quincy). The role is that of a juror that comes from the same wrong side of the tracks as the kid on trial for killing his father. I give the role a strength and a nervousness that it calls for. There are a couple of intense scenes for me that I really enjoy doing. As far as my writing goes…. I received another NO-GO from a screenplay agent. But the good news is they are looking for a specific screenplay and told me what they were wanting. So to me that is the opening I need. I will put together a new screenplay and run it up the flagpole! Wish me luck!