Journey to the Edge

JON WENTWORTH, a brilliant inventor who is about to be awarded a promotion and a lucrative manufacturing deal for the powerful new transducer he has invented. What WESLEY doesn’t tell his dad is that the robot melted because Wesley had inserted Jon’s transducer into it. What Wesley also doesn’t tell is that this “modification” of his robot had turned the robot into a teleporter that had transported himself, his sister MACY, their friend ASHLEY, and his loyal pug dog PUGSTON light-years away to the planet Soleri in the Heledrium Galaxy. 

Upon their teleportation, Wesley and company meet the leader of the Solerians, a telepathic creature named GIRADIOUS, who tells them that the Tojinians, another galactic race, are holding the Solerians as slaves and now are planning to attack and take over the peaceful planet. Giradious can help the teens to get back to Earth by reversing Jon’s transducer, but he needs energy to do it. The source of the energy must come from a force field, whose controller lies deep within ancient catacombs in the depths of Soleri. If Wesley can activate the force field, not only will the teens get to go home, but it will also block the Tojinian attack and will free Soleri from their persecution forever.  With no other choice, the teens must brave the dark and dangers of the catacombs in order to make their way back home. Their journey is fraught with dangers that lurk in the blackness—slimy compeworms, dangerous stinging flying creatures, rock-eating fuzltechs, precipitous and tenuous ancient bridges and, of course, Tojinian guards—all of these threaten the teens in their desperate journey to find the controller that will send them back home. Deep in the catacombs, the teens discover not only these outward dangers, but also find surprising strengths, loyalties, and courage that had been lurking deep within themselves.